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Leadership Coaching for Performance 

Leadership Coaching for Performance

Elemental Consulting


"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension."


-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Our Services - Your Success

Elemental Consulting connects with organizations to improve individual and team performance in the workplace. We offer short-term interventions such as Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Development and Creativity Programs. As a client of Elemental you will receive products and services tailored and delivered to your leaders' and employees' needs and to your organizational environment. Elemental Consulting achieves success through its positive impact on your success. 


Elemental also offers Coaching Programs for individual clients.

For Your Organization


Executive Coaching Programs


Today's leaders need to be responsive to ever changing business demands and demonstrate leadership agility in moving their people and organizations forward to success. Elemental Consulting's Executive and Team Coaching Programs offer executives a one-to-one business relationship with a Certified Leadership Coach based on trust and confidentiality. This relationship provides the methods and tools to help leaders explore self-awareness, personal impact, connections, business challenges and potential opportunities which can result in a positive impact on their performance and success. 


Coaching can provide a valuable developmental intervention for executives at all stages in their leadership career, including on-boarding, new role transition, promotion, times of challenge, leading a new team, or in support of high performing executives who are working through a succession planning process.   


Leadership Development Programs

 Elemental offers a range of tools and methods to address specific developmental needs of leaders. These can include a mix of work-based assignments and practices, observed work situation feedback sessions, coaching, knowledge-based assignments and assessments including individual and/or 360°profiles.

 Elemental is certified and approved to deliver a range of assessments including:

  • DiSC Profiles, e.g. DiSC 363° for Leaders, DiSC Classic
  • Hogan Leadership Forecast SeriesClark Wilson Group 360 series
  • Team Management Systems (TMS) Profiles
  • Inscape Publishing DiSC Work of Leaders Profile
  • Inscape Publishing DiSC  IdX Conflict Management Program


Individual and Team Performance Programs and Workshops


Our programs and workshops for teams and individuals focus on helping leaders understand their connections, personal impact and performance in the workplace. Through assessments, coaching, workplace observations and the introduction of new tools and methods, teams and leaders can be positioned to shift their performance to the next level. Programs are designed and customized to address the needs of the leader, team and the organization. Examples of programs and workshops include:



Elemental Consulting also offers customized meeting facilitation services to improve meeting efficiency and outcomes for teams, project groups and Boards.


For Individual Clients and Entrepreneurs


Elemental offers coaching and development programs designed for individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from personal development and/or coaching in their own time on a private basis. For individuals facing major transitions in career or life, or who are interested in personal development, coaching can prove to be a positive and powerful intervention resulting in progress and achievement of personal goals. The

Elemental Personal Success Seminar and Workshop Series offers a range of cost-effective development opportunities to help individuals identify what they want for future success and how to achieve it. 
The Elemental Entrepreneur Workshop and Program Series helps entrepreneurs transform 'ideas into action' and offers a range of tools and methods to support and coach entrepreneurs through this critical and developmental process. 
Workshops can be customized for individual teams in organizations.