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Leadership Coaching for Impact

Elemental Consulting

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."


- Albert Einstein


The Elemental Consulting Approach

For Organizations


Through detailed discussion and exploration of potential challenges and opportunities faced by the organization, Elemental Consulting connects with clients to determine a clear picture of the coaching and/or consulting needs of individual leaders, executives and teams. When the client feels that the Elemental consultant has a good understanding of possible needs of the business and/or the leader or executive, Elemental will then prepare and present a proposal detailing recommended services tailored to the requirements of the organization. Elemental Consulting will conduct regular status reviews with the client throughout the term of the contract, and a final review on completion of the contract.  


Elemental Consulting will deliver your services with authenticity, honesty and integrity.



For Individual Coaching Clients


Elemental Consulting provides Executive Coaching services for individuals who may be facing personal challenges, difficult decisions, career issues or personal development needs. Short-term coaching programs can provide individual clients with an opportunity to explore potential and possibilities which may result in personal change and forward motion toward important goals. Coaching sessions are delivered face-to-face or by telephone. Telephone coaching can be extremely powerful for clients and prove to be an efficient and cost-effective method for delivery of the service. Coaching by Elemental Consulting offers you, as an individual client, a business relationship focused completely on your needs in trust and complete confidentiality. 


Elemental Consulting will deliver your coaching sessions with authenticity, honesty and integrity.